Google Cloud is helping retailers offer personalised experiences

by Veronika Schipper, on Oct 16, 2018 11:01:43 AM

Google Cloud is helping retailers offer personalised experiences

We live in a world of endless possibilities, choices and ways to get things done. We research what we eat, places we go to and what products we buy. We want to study everything beforehand and chose the best option. And it does not matter what was available last month because today there could be something new and better. To make a decision we consult the options with friends, colleagues, family... and Google.

With the access to information that we currently have at our fingertips, it takes seconds to look up a quick advise across a range of topics on our smartphones. According to Google's research, 75% of shoppers said they used Google search early in their shopping process, which then influenced their purchase decision.

Finding the information online has never been more important to consumers than it is now. The influence that search has on people's buying behaviour is enormous. And hence marketers have an excellent opportunity to bring real information to their consumers and make products easily discoverable by understanding what consumers need and want.

67% of smartphone users said they are more likely to purchase from companies whose mobile sites or apps customise information to their current location.

While the search remains big, the offline channel is still powerful. Brands that are successful online and offer broad information on their website can also benefit from increased in-store sales. Consumers want it all. They do their research online hoping to find the best advise possible and once they made their informed decision they go to a store to touch and feel the product and eventually purchase it. But beforehand they research what is the closest store to their place and whether the product is on stock.

For retailers it is important to understand what consumers are looking for and which stage of their buying journey they are in so that they can approach them with a personalised offer. Google Cloud can help brands on their mission to provide the best consumer experience.

1. Faster Insights with Data

Knowing what the customer wants and act upon it is what most businesses are thriving to achieve. Having lots of customer information is not enough if organisations cannot get the right insights out of them. The need to build an effective data platform that can serve the insights about customers has never been stronger than it is nowadays. Providing the personalised experience that people expect is only possible by having the right insights in data. And this is possible in the cloud.

2. Predictions with AI

Instead of chasing the buying intent that people have, brands can start predicting what it is that consumers will be looking for in the short future and prepare for it in advance. So when the moment comes, they can offer the right product to the person who wants it and where they want it. Knowing trends beforehand also plays a vital role in the supply chain. Being able to foresee which products will be needed can help optimise assortment planning, improve forecasting and keep healthy stock levels.

3. Dynamic Customer Experiences

Customers like marketing messaging and yes, they even like advertising, but only when it is relevant to them. It needs to show what they are looking for, what they currently need or it needs to provide value to them. Nobody is interested in an offer after just purchasing that particular product. Brands need to start thinking further and out of the box, how to differ from competition and make their customers happy.

One of such examples could be building a smart store - an automated retail store that uses smart shelves, smart carts and the Internet of Things (IoT) to optimise the business processes and improve the quality of service to their customers.

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