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At the beautifully situated KNVB campus Zeist, organisers Jan Hendrik Fleury and Hans Boëtius opened the Summit. Jan Hendrik guided the public through the results of the most recent DDMA survey. It appears that most organisations want to work in a much more data-driven way, but only a few of them have the requirements in place to facilitate this. Hans then showed a solution with which the requirements can be created in the form of the recently introduced working method ‘DataOps, which has been implemented successfully.’ Herein, business, IT and data professionals work together in an agile team that can make data available for an entire organisation, in a jiffy.

Then, three of Crystalloids’ accounts shared their data-driven strategies and tactics:

Marion Massop of KNVB demonstrated that soccer and data can form a good team. She considers the establishment of the central membership administration, 4 years ago, as the key to their success. This enabled KNVB to grow into a mature data-driven organisation in a few phases. The foundation in this respect consists of two databases: a Customer Intelligence database and a Predictive Analytics database. KNVB can, therefore, introduce new applications, including apps, dashboards, predictive models and even ‘Soccer TV’. This rightfully afforded them the Customer Data Award in November. The most important challenge? Data quality!

Boris Vildósola Bustos, Head of Marketing at Manutan, passionately demonstrated that data-driven marketing alone does not guarantee success; it is important to get the entire organisation on board with the change process. Rapid market developments and lower sales left Manutan facing a major challenge in 2015. Supported by data-generated insights, Boris took his colleagues along on a journey in which the focus on customer interests grew increasingly important. With success: Manutan was able to turn the tide and has since been sporting ‘double-digit’ growth figures.

To conclude, the floor was given to the Chief Technology Officer of the fastest growing international retailer/brand (for many years now). He gave the public a glimpse into the advantages of opting for the cloud as a central data platform. For example, it became possible to make all data accessible in newly opened stores, in one fell swoop, simply through an internet connection. In addition, it became possible for the organisation to choose the ‘best-in-class’ technology for all its data-driven processes. With a team of 16 people, hundreds of stores worldwide can be accessed this way and supplied with data. Moreover, it lays the foundation to achieve the vision of a ‘mobile-and-paperless’ store in the future.

Crystalloids Summit 2018

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