5 must-read articles on machine learning and artificial intelligence. (Oct-2017)

by Robin Laurens, on Oct 27, 2017 4:42:55 PM

Machine Learning and artificial intelligence are the buzz words of 2017. Online tech platforms and newspapers are writing about the topic excessively, and we can't blame them; it's the next big step in business intelligence and cloud computing. 

To help you make sense of all these articles and to help you find the most interesting and helpful content, we've selected the five pieces we think are most worth it to read, published last month.

Read, learn and enjoy!




How artificial intelligence is revolutionizing business in 2017 - Forbes (4 min)

An article that summarizes a study done by the Boston Consulting Group and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Sloan Management Review: Reshaping Business With Artificial Intelligence.  For the study, more than 3,000 business executives, managers, and analysts in 112 countries and 21 industries, were interviewed about the extent to which machine learning plays or should play a role in their business. 






The amazing ways Spotify used big data, AI and machine learning to drive business success - Forbes (3 min)

Another Forbes article, this time in the shape of a case study. The article explains the ways music service platform Spotify deploys machine learning in its business strategy. The platform has millions of users and is famous for its artificial intelligence technology bringing advantages to the users (like Discover Weekly) and artists.The article is a good one if you're interested in the way machine learning is being applied in real business cases. 




Why deep learning is suddenly changing your life - Fortune
(7 min)

This article is a very nice one if you are still a bit unknown with terms like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. It's from 2016, but it's still relevant as it gives primary information and a historical context. It's mostly about deep learning, a subpart of machine learning, which is based on the neural working of our brains. The article explains how deep learning works, without getting into too much technical detail. 




How artificial intelligence can deliver real value to companies - McKinsey (3 min)

This article is a more practical article that gives real advice on what artificial intelligence can do for your business. Especially the interactive infographic is interesting as it offers suggestions for machine learning applications in different business sectors. The article is published by the McKinsey Global Institute, a worldwide consulting company, and is based on a discussion paper, called Artificial Intelligence, The next digital frontier? Which you can download on the page. 





Executives must understand AI before their company can be AI capable - VentureBeat (3 min)

This article has the same subject-matter as the Fortune article; it explains the meaning of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning in general. But, it has a different approach: it's more business oriented (and shorter!). The article concludes with a clear and helpful roadmap for effective AI integration in your business. An interesting article for everyone who is thinking about starting to work with machine learning for their business solutions.

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