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We are proud to announce we have received the AWS Partner Innovation Award 2018 for our performance in creating a Central Marketing Database and Analytics Platform for Body & Fit, the leading e-commerce player in sports nutrition, nutritional supplements and diet products.

We kindly thank our innovative customer, passionate consultants and the AWS team for this appreciation. This is the second AWS award we have received in less than a year, since we already won the AWS Partner Network Star at the end of 2017! In that same period our customer KNVB won the DDMA Customer Data Award.

Body & Fit wanted to reach specific target groups with personalised offers and felt the need to create segmentations based on advanced analytics instead of gut feeling. Therefore, a Central Marketing Database was created combining all data on customers, purchases, online behavior (such as click paths and abandoned baskets) and campaigns results. The result is a 360-degree Customer View, with which purchase behaviour can be analysed and predicted using the KNIME Analytics Platform. The Central Marketing Database and Analytics Platform are created in the AWS Cloud and make data from systems like Magento available to marketers in real time. Fritjof Haalboom, Head of Technology at Body & Fit:

This enables us to adjust campaigns immediately, based on the results. If we launch a promotion that involves a discount coupon we can immediately see how this will affect our turnover. We can also compare different variants of that promotion.

The solution we built includes:

  • A Marketing Data Lake and Analysis Platform that stores raw data from multiple data sources using Amazon S3 for secure and reliable storage. All data is converted to Apache Parquet format before storing it in Amazon S3 for better performance in Amazon Athena and Amazon Redshift Spectrum.
  • Data ingestion and data processing pipelines using AWS Glue, AWS Kinesis and AWS Elastic Container Services, orchestrated by State Machines and AWS Lambda functions.
  • Predictive and Descriptive Models that analyse huge amounts of data, using AWS Athena, AWS Redshift, KNIME Analytics data science Platform directly on AWS and Jupyter notebooks on Amazon EMR.
  • Interactive and dynamic visualizations from the data in AWS Redshift using AWS Quicksight.
  • API’s built with AWS API gateway, AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB to provide secure, reliable and scalable data services for on-premise or external systems.

Read more about the details of the Body & Fit case or contact us for further information.

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