Artificial intelligence is the next big thing

by Veronika Schipper, on Jun 11, 2018 11:24:21 AM

Artificial intelligence (AI) touches many aspects of our private and business lives and companies that are willing to innovate are set to win. According to Cisco study, 95% of employees are convinced that AI can make their job easier and at least half of them believes that having a virtual assistant would help them increase their productivity and focus.

UK leads in the amount of AI businesses

European countries are thriving in artificial intelligence. Especially UK, Germany and France show the biggest growth of AI companies. With the rise of cloud, big data and machine learning the focus on data analytics dominate the industry. Switzerland, being a relatively small country, leads the European market when it comes to the amount of AI business per citizen.

Why artificial intelligence is the next big thing

Statistical analysis - most demanded skill 

With the rise of artificial intelligence and big data, the job market is also changing. Having seen how AI is becoming the core business for most of the big tech players out there such as Google, Uber or Facebook, it undoubtedly raises the demand for candidates with these skills. Having people who can analyse and process data is becoming very critical for companies willing to grow in this sector. Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and technical jobs will be more than needed in the foreseeable future. According to LinkedIn, statistical analysis, data mining and data presentation are some of the top demand skills for 2018.

Artificial intelligence ‘drives’ cars

Self-driving cars are becoming a reality. Tesla, being one of the first implementers of self-driving vehicles, introduced advanced driver-assistance system limited to parking and semi-self driving on their Model S in 2014. The improved version of their autopilot came to life a year later and put the company in a leading position in that market. The recent accident when Tesla crashed into a parked police car using the autopilot, of course, raised questions about safety. Nevertheless, the future of self-driving vehicles looks more than promising as several car companies work hard on building their self-driving cars. Honda, Hyundai or Toyota are expected to launch their smart vehicles by 2020 and BMW, Volvo, Ford, VW should join them in 2021.

Google AI

Google recently announced a couple of innovations around their products, of course, using artificial intelligence. Google News now offers you the best articles from around the world and your region. Smart Compose is a new function in Gmail that can suggest what you want to type at the moment you are composing your mail. It helps reduce repetitive text and save you time writing. Google enriched their Assistant with a new technology called Duplex which is smart enough to book an appointment for you.

AI and machine learning in marketing

Many companies start to see benefits in applying AI to their business. Artificial intelligence can significantly improve your marketing interactions by, for example, providing better insights into your customers or accounts, provide more detailed analysis of your marketing campaigns and based on that allow you to target your customers better. Together with machine learning, it can speed up the way you do things.

If you are looking for the next big step for your business, we can help you create a customised artificial intelligence solution. It can give you better view of your data and help you interact with your customers more easily.

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