by Clemens Niekler, on Oct 27, 2019 10:59:29 AM

How often do you search for something on Google and how many times do you end up with a solution to your particular problem? To find the fitting answer(s) to …

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Topics:AI and Machine Learning

by Veronika Schipper, on Oct 17, 2019 11:19:25 AM

Innovations, security, open-source. Those were the topics of the Google Cloud Summit 2019, which we attended last week Friday in Amsterdam. With almost twice as many people registered this year, …

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Topics:Google CloudMarketing Analytics

by Jan Hendrik Fleury & Clemens Niekler, on Oct 7, 2019 3:51:16 PM

Connecting all applications for both transactional and analytical purposes can be achieved with a Customer Data Platform (CDP). If you are asking why your business should consider using a CDP, …

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Topics:Google CloudCustomer Data Platform