by Robin Laurens, on Mar 30, 2018 1:18:39 PM

In the blog series What's new in InsightOS we keep our customers, and everyone who's interested updated about InsightOS. We are constantly improving our product in the best possible way …

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by Robin Laurens, on Mar 19, 2018 2:50:13 PM

Are you a Dutch company that processes personal data? Then you have to make sure that on May the 25th your whole data processing management complies with the new General …

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by Robin Laurens, on Mar 19, 2018 12:48:07 PM

It's all about technical innovation these days. How else do you stay ahead of the competition and ensure that younger and more flexible tech companies don't overrun you? And how …

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by Robin Laurens, on Mar 12, 2018 12:50:39 PM

'With each new piece of technology, the same fundamental question arises: can it be trusted? Price and availability matter, but nothing is adopted unless the target user feels able to …

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by Robin Laurens, on Mar 9, 2018 2:49:47 PM

On May 25th of this year, the new EU data regulation (GDPR) will be enforced which means if you are not in compliance by then, you can risk fines from …

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by Robin Laurens, on Mar 4, 2018 5:46:01 PM

This week McKinsey released an important report called Making a secure transition to the public cloud. According to McKinsey,  80 percent of the companies they studied, plan to have more than 10 …

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by Robin Laurens, on Mar 4, 2018 3:25:47 PM

What happened last month in the world of AI? Google released some exciting things, like Google Clips, and a free crash course that gives you a practical introduction to Machine …

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