5 Recent Must-read AI & Machine Learning Articles

by Robin Laurens, on Nov 27, 2017 10:37:21 AM

Every month, we collect the five best and interesting machine learning and artificial intelligence articles to help you make sense of all the content written about the hot topic. This month, we focus more on ethics and the shortage of machine learning talent.

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When algorithms discriminate: Robotics, AI, and ethics - AI Jazeera 

Alright alright, this is not an article, it's a video, but not to worry, it's a fascinating one. In the fragment, Al Jazeera interviews Stephen Roberts, professor of Machine Learning at the University of Oxford, UK. He talks about what machine learning is, and what the benefits and threads are for industries, individuals, and societies. He throws up interesting questions, like who will be accountable for accidents that machines will make in the future? What can we do against biased algorithms? And how does machine learning relate to fake news? 


Controlling machine-learning algorithms and their biases - McKinsey

This McKinsey article elaborates further on biased algorithms and their impact. After explaining the risks and causes of biased algorithms in machine learning, the piece gives lots of practical tips to eliminate the risks within a business. The article, for example, encourages executives and practitioners of machine learning within a company to study the black box; the inner working of machine learning, meaning the algorithms at the core of their business and the problems they are designed to resolve. 


Building A.I. that can build A.I. - New York Times

Another challenge in the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence is the significant shortage of experts and researchers in the field. This article deals with this problem and focuses on a future where ArtificiaI Intelligence might build itself. Something that, for example, Google's AutoML is working on already. Should data scientists be afraid?


Key Qualities to look for in AI and Machine Learning Experts - Forbes

A short article with some helpful advice on the recruitment of machine learning experts. The piece states that, because machine learning is such a young field, you should not just be looking for the right experience and background when hiring an AI expert. You should also look for particular skills and qualities that will help an employee develop and grow within the field. In the article, you can read which qualities to look out for.


What is Machine Learning? Quick Explainer - Business Insider

For everyone who is just tuning into the machine learning field and has no idea what all the above articles are about, This article from Business Insider explains in simple steps what machine learning is, and where it comes from. Lots of pictures visualize the technical talk. 




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