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On-site database marketeers and data scientists

Our marketing operations:

We can provide on-site knowledge and support to help you optimise your marketing operations.

You have a wealth of data at your fingertips and a well-structured campaign platform from where to launch your creative vision. What is lacking is time or human resources. Or perhaps you are pressed for both. Perhaps you just need some additional expertise, like expertise in predictive analytics or marketing automation.

Scarce experts

We can provide on-site database marketers, data scientists and list managers to help you optimise your campaigns. Our experts are precisely that: experts. They have worked extensively in the fields of customer intelligence, digital marketing and customer experience. They know how to select, collate, analyse, merge and move data in order to unlock the marketing knowledge you seek. Perhaps even more importantly, they know which data is required to provide you with the answers you need. They can set up your campaigns and can even run them for you. That is why we refer to Marketing Support as the brains and hands. Our people don’t just think, they also do.

Shared knowledge

You can call us when you need help for A/B-testing, campaign evaluation, fine-tuning your marketing automation and for structural or occasional advanced analytics. Or even when you are not one hundred per cent certain what it is you need, but it definitely involves data, predictive analytics and marketing. If you would like us to, we can also train your staff in advanced analytics so you don’t need us around forever. After all knowledge should be shared and placed in the hands and heads of those who will benefit most from it.

Marketing Services

Another option is that you combine Marketing Support with Marketing Cloud in our Marketing-as-a-Service. You outsource your entire marketing operations segment, with the exception of your creative vision, because we believe that this vision should be your own. What we do is we provide the technical infrastructure, the data science and the marketing expertise to help your vision come to life.

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