Marketing Operation: Marketing Cloud

A campaign and analytical infrastructure in the cloud

Our marketing operations:

Run your campaigns on our infrastructure; we worry about the technology so you can focus on the marketing.

Marketing Cloud relieves you of all the technology worries that surround marketing campaigns. Whatever the maturity level or your business desires, we configure the IT-landscape to accommodate them. No hardware purchases are necessary and we make sure your campaigns run on the latest software and with the newest insights. Marketing Cloud is almost modular in its versatility; it certainly is scalable. Chose one or all of the options we have to offer.

Some of the options

  • Host your campaign infrastructure on servers managed by us in a solid and secure data centre.
  • Have access to one or all of our marketing solutions such as predict behaviour, configured to your exact needs.
  • Work with your own customer database or the fan-base that we created from your own customer data.
  • Have secure access to a drag and drop campaign environment with extensive reporting functionality.
  • Automate your next best action, inbound and outbound.
  • Choose annual advanced KPI-reports or weekly analyses. If it’s data, we can analyse it.

End the headache

The Marketing Cloud is configured for you, so you are free to build your own campaigns as you see fit. Without worrying about technology headaches such as performance, capacity or accessibility. Should the need arise, on top of Marketing Cloud, we can also provide database managers and list managers as Marketing Support. There’s more, because you can outsource your entire marketing. We call it Marketing-as-a-Service. Our smart specialists can assist you in perfecting your campaigns and feed the results from our advanced analytics back into your marketing (automation) processes.

Our Marketing Operations lead the way to being a truly predictive enterprise.

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