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Data is no longer the issue. Insight is the issue. The Cloud is the solution.

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From the moment Biq Query was launched seven years ago we have been building Google Cloud-based solutions that can analyse massive amounts of data in seconds to improve the profitability of companies.

We focus on companies in financial services, hospitality, leisure, media and retail. We have integrations ready with webshop solutions such as Demandware, Point-of-Sale solutions like Cowhills, e-mail solutions such as Selligent, CRM and customer service with SalesForce, SAP and many more. Furthermore, we integrate our applications with Google Adwords, DoubleClick and Google Analytics.

  • For faster insights with data we build and migrate Data Warehouses, we do Customer Analytics and real-time viewing.
  • For Predictions with AI we optimize ad spend and assortments, we forecast trends and we make your contact centre more intelligent.
  • For dynamic customer experiences, we personalise your engagements and we improve your conversational commerce with Google Assistant, for example. We are also highly specialized in enabling loyalty solutions.

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Would you like to learn how to manage the entire lifecycle of your data on Google Cloud Platform and get hands-on experience? Together with Google we have created a Jumpstart workshop.

Google Cloud empowered solutions

Customer Data Platform

To become data driven one of the basics is in achieving a reliable and 360 view on all relevant data. Our proprietary Customer Data Platform connects all your applications that generate product, order, channel and customer data in (near) real-time. You store all data in the cloud and let your applications only store the essential data they need. Some advantages are:

  • No dependencies on legacy systems
  • All applications are loosely coupled which which eliminates vendor lock in
  • The service department has access to the relevant data to service clients.
  • Your loyalty application gets feeded with quality information
  • Reliable reporting and predictive analytics

Our own designed Big Data marketing tool, built and run on the Google Cloud designed for customer selection & reporting.

  • Easy to use functionality
    Data sciences without the programming. Designed to support marketers, CRM managers and analysts in becoming data-driven, while understanding the most important software language: ‘business language’.

    Working with InsightOS is a 100% NoOps operation. Our customers don’t need to run or invest in system maintenance. Combined with the services of Crystalloids Innovations, loading the data is done without support on behalf of the client.
  • Built on Google Cloud Platform
    Facet navigation and the choice of every web shopper to drill down on data is applied to our tools. To dive into the details without losing the big picture. Serviced by Google BigQuery no matter how big your dataset will be.
  • Runs on BigQuery
    InsightOS runs on BigQuery, the Google product that is able to process massive amounts of data in seconds. Get access to the ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group) Lab Review which highlights the recent analysis of Google BigQuery with a focus on simplicity, agility, flexibility, reliability, security, and cost containment.
  • Forecasting
    Making an arrival, booking or revenue forecast is easy. Machine Learning and built-in analytics help you predict the future.
  • Integrations
    Integrating any possible data source into the tool makes it possible to have better insights into your data and finding relationships you couldn’t find before.

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