Experts in predicting customer behaviour

Not for nothing, they call us nerds

We have been working with large companies to improve their customer dialog for over twenty years. Our huge experience in this field helps us to solve even the most complex problems in the area of big data, predictive analytics and marketing automation. Our consultants are always up to speed with the newest innovations and technologies.

Marketing and IT

At Crystalloids we combine marketing knowledge with in-depth knowledge of big data, predictive modeling and IT system integration. We can help you in every aspect of implementing an automated customer dialog. The technical and data infrastructure, the implementation and integration of the necessary software, and engineering the smartest predictive algorithms.

We make it work

Our customers value us as a reliable partner that delivers on time and within budget. We always implement solutions in small steps, where every step in the project delivers real business value. Our creative consultants always find a pragmatic approach to every marketing or technical challenge, no matter the complexity. Not for nothing, they sometimes call us nerds.

Our experience, knowledge and creativity guarantee that we always cross the finish line, even in the most complex marketing environments. We make sure it works. Ask our customers!

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