Offer personalization to increase sales

What is it about?

Relevant offers lead to higher click and conversion rates. Moreover, customers will have a better reading experience because they don’t have to search through dozens of products in order to find what they are most interested in. This ebook focuses on offer personalization, which aims to serve customers personalized offers specifically tailored to their needs and interests to positively influence their behaviour.

This eBook will teach you:

  1. What the benefits of personalized offers are for your customers as well as your organization.
  2. The difference between personalization on segment and individual level and how to choose the best approach.
  3. How to use segmentation and logistic regression analysis to personalize product offers.
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Daniel Alink

About the author

Daniel Alink is a senior consultant at Crystalloids. He helps large companies to improve their customer dialog by implementing advance solutions for customer analytics and marketing automation. Daniel presents and publishes regularly on subjects like marketing automation, advanced analytics and attribution modeling.

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