Data integration in InsightOS

Data integration in InsightOS 

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About Suncamp Holidays

Suncamp Holidays is a Dutch campsite tour operator, that is part of a camping specialist ACSI. The company offers more than 430 family campings in 14 different countries through Europe. With more than 50 years of experience, Suncamp Holidays promises their customers the certainty of high quality and child-friendly campsites, which all have an on-site pool or a sea nearby. These can all be easily booked online via their website.


Data integration in InsightOS

The Goal

  • Suncamp Holidays was looking for a way to have more complete data insights
  • Have a single overview where they could view all their customer data

The Solution

  • Integrating all Suncamp's data into InsightOS and creating a custom big data analysis system

The Challenge

Suncamp Holidays collects data from all different touch points and stores them in multiple places. Their data gives them insights, but unfortunately not all the ones they wish for. They are not able to combine the various data dimensions and metrics and miss one single overview where they could see the information they need. Having a lot of data, all scattered around in different sales and marketing channels, like Google Analytics and their CRM- and reservation system does not help their decision making.

To optimise their marketing results, Suncamp wanted to have better insights into their customers and their on- and offline behaviour. They wanted to be able to combine, for example, the data from Google Analytics which include the web behaviour of customers, with the data about the type of visitors and their past purchases stored in the reservation system.

For this reason, they decided to work with Crystalloids and the application InsightOS, which could be customised to their specific needs.  

The Result

To help Suncamp Holidays have better insights, Crystalloids built a custom big data analysis system. We did this by integrating the data coming from Adwords, Google Analytics, the website and production (stock & transactions) into InsightOS; the easy-to-use application developed for travel and leisure companies built by Crystalloids. 

For the implementation of InsightOS Crystalloids used different kinds of Google Cloud Platform services like Google App Engine, Google BigQuery, Google chart API and Google apps for business.

This big data analytics system based on InsightOS now gives overall insights into bookings, stock information, sales promotions, leads, online marketing and CRM. The InsightOS platform makes it possible to combine different specific metrics. For example, Suncamp is now able to see what kind of search terms people were using for different kind of booking periods.

Data integration in InsightOS

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