CDP Assessment

CDP Assessment 

A flexible approach to creating a CDP to activate customer data

About the Company

The client is a global company known among consumers for personal care products such as electric toothbrushes, sleeping solutions, light therapy, and razors. In addition, the client is a leading provider of health technology in the medical sector focused on improving people's health and achieving better healthcare outcomes, from healthy living and prevention to diagnostics, treatment, and home care.
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The Challenge

The client’s Customer Data Platform was developed using Google Cloud Platform, Google Marketing Platform starting from GA4, and various other systems and applications. The client chose a flexible do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to creating a CDP for decision making, activation, and measurement. The decision to build the platform using Google’s cloud-native services like BigQuery, Cloud Run, and Cloud Composer (Airflow), enabled fast development with a minimal overhead on resource set-up and management. 

The client approached Crystalloids to ensure the current set-up and roadmap are not missing vital elements and that the CDP is future-proof.

The Goal

Working towards the goal of CDP advancement, the current implementation was assessed using an audit performed by Crystalloids. 

The audit consisted of the following topics, whereafter future enhancements were identified based on business needs: 

  • Current CDP implementation 
  • Data collection capabilities
  • Data unification capabilities
  • Predictive Analytics capabilities
  • Personalization and Activation capabilities
  • Assessment of the business needs
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Map of the current capabilities
  • Creating a wish list
  • Prioritizing the wish list by business value

The Audit Result

Our approach to the client’s CDP assessment was guided by Gartner's Buy-Own-Advocate framework for the customer journey. The client's capabilities of data collection, data unification, predictive analytics, personalization and activation, and the technical stack were analyzed during the audit. 

Gartners Buy-Own-Advocate framework

The Roadmap

Based on the audit, the client is now aware of a number of recommendations for the technical implementation of GCP and further development of the CDP that we have identified. The recommendations were presented in the following sections, namely nice to have and must have categories for easier decision making and prioritizing for the client. 

Must have recommendations for the client: 

  • Security Posture
  • CI/CD enhancements
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Data and Metadata management
  • Data Quality monitoring
  • Machine Learning Operations

Nice to have recommendations for the client:

  • Cost Management
  • Coding Recommendations

You might want to be sure you are on the right track with your customer data platform. An external assessment of the platform brings you essential insights you need to move your business and technology forward. Crystalloids offers you a CDP assessment of the current implementation and an assessment of your business needs for supporting digital marketing and activation.

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