Personalised marketing campaigns in e-commerce

Personalised marketing campaigns in e-commerce

Personalised marketing campaigns in e-commerce

About Body&Fit

Since its establishment in 1995, Body & Fit has grown into a leading e-commerce player in the Benelux, Germany and France when it comes to sports nutrition, nutritional supplements and diet products. Via its web-store, the company offers one of the most comprehensive product ranges consisting of more than 4,000 products from 300 top brands, including its strong house brand. Body & Fit can serve its customers swiftly because of its distribution centre in Heerenveen, The Netherlands.

Personalised marketing campaigns in e-commerce

The Goal

  • To improve customer loyalty
  • To be able to approach audience in a more personalised and relevant way
  • To create advanced customer profiles from data 
  • To have a centralised system for all the data

The Solution

  • A central marketing database in the cloud that allows for advanced analytics and comprehensive customer profiling for campaigns, based on the output.

The Challenge

Body & Fit is very successful in attracting new customers for its web-store via social media campaigns, online advertising and search engine optimisation. Despite this, some customers only make one purchase. Moreover, some website visitors proceed to open a web-shop account but never buy anything. Body&Fit wanted to optimise this group and to develop them into loyal, recurring customers.

Customer data and purchases are recorded in the Magento e-Commerce system. Body&Fit’s marketing analysts were not able to make smart selections based on the data in Magento. They were also unable to incorporate the customers’ online behaviour into their analyses. Campaigns were limited to generic bulk emails to customers who have opted-in.

Since we wanted to reach specific target groups with personalised offers, we felt the need to make selections that are way more advanced" explains Fritjof Haalboom, Head of Technology at Body & Fit.

Body & Fit and Crystalloids have implemented the project in phases. In the first stage, we linked Magento to the Central Marketing Database on the AWS platform and implemented an advanced open-source analysis environment - KNIME.

The focus in the second phase was on obtaining insights from customer behaviour. Crystalloids conducted an RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) analysis and developed a customer lifetime value model. Marketers can use this model to differentiate between valuable customer segments and in the contact strategy.

Finding new insights will be emphasised even more in the next phases, by linking other data sources, creating dashboards and building advanced analytics models. Besides, Crystalloids will manage the solution and continuously monitor the data in the Central Marketing Database using DataOps methodology principles to the greatest extent.

The most important result, perhaps, is that we now make our decisions based on facts instead of a gut feeling. We have come to realise that, for example, the body-builders’ segment is much smaller than we initially thought. The Central Marketing Database gives us the possibility to recognise valuable customer groups and to approach them personally’, explains Fritjof Haalboom.

"Our focus now is on several important basic insights concerning customers and products, and we plan to use these insights to expand our strategy further. We will also promptly add data from our mailing system, website and call centre. One of the first campaigns we initiated was a campaign for customers who had not bought anything in over six months. The results were promising, and in-depth evaluation of the campaign also resulted in future campaign improvements."

The Result

Crystalloids built a Central Marketing Database which could record all data related to customers, purchases, online behaviour and campaign results. A 360-degree view of each customer which analyse and predict purchase behaviour. This central marketing database was created in the cloud on the AWS platform and meant that data from a system like Magento is available to marketers in real-time via a link to standard APIs. 

Personalised marketing campaigns in e-commerce

"We are now able to adjust campaigns immediately, based on the results. If we launch a promotion that involves a discount coupon we can immediately see how this will affect our turnover. We can also compare different variants of that promotion. Using a Central Marketing Database we can adjust campaigns immediately, based on the results."

Fritjof Haalboom
Head of Technology, Body & Fit

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