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Fairplay Online is an innovative player in the online gaming & gambling market. The company is part of the Janshen-Hahnraths Group located in Kerkrade, a leading company in the European slot machine industry. From offices in the Netherlands and Malta, Fairplay Online serves almost 300,000 users from the Netherlands, Germany and England. Soon the company will launch its online casino, starting in Germany.

The challenge
Onboard clients at acceptable costs, maximize average revenue per player, reduce churn to the minimum through personalization by trigger based campaigns.

The solution
Realization and technical maintenance of marketing database with a 360° view of all gamers through engineering of all data sources. Database marketing and maintenance.

Costs per lead decreased by 80%, resulting in 4 times more players for the budget.
Higher conversion to paying gamers after registration.
Adoption of analytics for smart retention and re-activation programs

From gaming to gambling

In 2016 Fairplay Online won the eGaming Review Operator Marketing & Innovation Award in the category ‘Innovation in Social Casino’. The customer centric approach of the company impressed the jury. This is not a coincidence explains Carel Meijer, General Manager of Fairplay Online,: “Besides our brick casino’s we are now offering a broader experience with Fairplay Online, from social gaming to real money gambling. The Janshen-Hahnraths Group has become a one-stop-shop company for adult players with regards to gaming.”

Active paying customers

Like for any other online company, marketing is one of the highest cost items for Fairplay Online. “Basically it is not very difficult to onboard clients, the secret of success is how to achieve this at acceptable costs. That’s why I had a clear number in my head of what I wanted to pay for a registration”, Carel says. “Besides registering is one, but being sure that players will be staying active and are also willing to buy coins to buy playtime is also very important. These players are exactly those people who will make the step into online gambling.” For this reason from the start a lot of attention was being payed to the registration process and to the communicating with registered users. We had a clear objective: maximize average revenue per paying user.


Like many other activities Fairplay Online has also outsourced marketing management and execution. “By automating and outsourcing as much as possible, we can stay lean & mean”, Carel explains. “Crystalloids is not only responsible for the execution but they are also involved in the marketing strategy. We only employ one database marketeer who, together with the consultants of , is responsible for the CRM-database and all analysis and campaigns.” This CRM-database offers us a 360º customer view and is key in the success of Fairplay Online. “We do not produce games. We can only compete by making our target group very specific and by executing excellent marketing”, says Carel.

“By automating and outsourcing as much as possible, we can stay lean & mean.”

Trigger based campaigns

The basis of all marketing is a huge database that holds all information on each visitor of the gaming platform. Crystalloids engineered the links to all data sources which include interesting information on clients. From registration and payments to website visitors and gaming behavior. Of each customer we exactly know how often and how much he is playing, what his returns are and which marketing channel  attributed to his registration. These insights enable Fairplay Online working exclusively with those online channels that give the highest returns. Tailor made communications are offered to customers through Crystalloids’ trigger based campaigns. “If somebody plays on average three times per week and this decreases suddenly by 20%, this trigger leads to an e-mail with an offer. Somebody who only plays once a week will receive such an e-mail much later”, Carel explains.

Clear results

“When we started the cost per lead were quit high. Since we are having great insights in the returns per channel, we can manage our budget more effectively. Now the costs per lead have decreased by almost 80%!” Carel says. “This means that we can attract four to five times more new customers at the same budget!” Besides the CRM-database helps converting more people to become a paying client after registration. Carel: “On the basis of analysis we are constantly improving the dialogue with customers during phases of registration, validation and starting gaming. In this way the conversion is assured at a high level.” The art of keeping clients depends on many factors like the user experience on the website. “Yet we are of opinion that retention campaigns are playing a large role to achieve this. For example automated e-mail campaigns to reactivate users have a very high opening rate”, Carel says.

“Now the costs per lead decreased by almost 80%, we can attract four to five times more new customers at the same budget!”

Strategy and execution

Would Carel select Crystalloids again? “For sure. There are not a lot of companies who can invent, realize and operate this kind of complex solutions”, Carel says. “For us Crystalloids is a sparring partner with in-depth knowledge of marketing, advanced analytics and IT at the same time. It feels like our own CRM department, but then at arms’ length. Besides we were able to start immediately because of the huge practical experiences of Crystalloids. After the start they fine-tuned the engineering of the campaigns to our situation.” Outsourcing to Crystalloids offers Carel also the flexibility he is looking for: “In each phase of the project a specialist was put in place, strategy, deployment or execution: they always delivered. And last but not least we can scale up in times of high demand. Perfect!”


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